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In the beginning….My sewing obstacles

So my main reason for sewing was because I was gaining weight and didn’t want to pay the high prices for size 16 jeans. With that being said I thought that I would be able to follow instructions if I bought the pattern for the type of pant I wore….wrong. It’s much more to reading patterns. You will also need to know the different materials for projects, how the fabric moves, it’s weight, and how it’s made. Yes how the fabric is made. You have animal (wool and silk), plant (cotton, flax, jute, and bamboo), minerals(asbestos, glass fibre), and synthetic(nylon, polyester,rayon, and acrylic). Those were my first obstacles that I had to get passed. Then it was sizing, matching my body type or shall I say my body structure. That itself was a task if you don’t know how to measure your self. So I suggest before you start to sew do some research. Learn the craft it’s much easier. Below are a few links that you will find helpful.’s-specialities/


Hello my name is DeShawna. Thanks for your interest in my journey of styles fashion and fads. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, an Application System Analysts with interests of today’s fashion, styles trends, illusions, and the look.

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