I’ve been sewing jumpsuits for a few weeks now but I just haven’t quite mastered the look that I am going for. So I decided to take 2 of the 3 that I’ve sewn apart so that I can see my mistakes. Well the first one was that I sewed the the panels wrong because I did not mark them by “front panel left or back panel left”. So I sewed on front to a back for the front and vise versa. When I noticed it I through it in a box because I didn’t want to seam rip the garment apart. I wanted to start a new one with a different pattern. Well that didn’t go well either. I chose a performance fabric with a McCall’s pattern M7755 and it did not drape well to my body after I cut out the size 16 pattern and sewed it together. I looked like I had a sheet on. The moral to this story is never give up on something you really enjoy doing and if you fail try again. Do small task in between the attempts of trying to perfect the first project.