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2022 Sewing Clock

It’s 2022 and this is the year I plan on putting my skills to work. It’s a new year and what was last year was last year. Not a lot to brag on because I kept loosing my sew-jo. I would start class and half way through I’d run into issues the consistent issue was my computer the section was I had to put my sewing machine in the shop for service. Although I have more than one machine I’m spoiled with my push button and guide process. This year is going to be different. I’m setting up both machines, along with a serger machine and a cover stitch machine. I’m in the process of purchasing a new laptop that can run all my programs and having an external drive for all of my projects that will be completed this year. Stay tune for first project of the year!

Sweater Dress


Hello my name is DeShawna. Thanks for your interest in my journey of styles fashion and fads. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, an Application System Analysts with interests of today’s fashion, styles trends, illusions, and the look.

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