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Just Missing Out

It’s been awhile since my last post and although I had great intentions on being more active and posting on my site, life happened. I started my new job that I enjoy getting up going to every week. Yes I’m back in the office, and that means my time in my space has gotten neglected which also means that I have not been sewing😌 and school has halted.

I must have thought that I was super woman or the bionic woman because I thought I could balance work, school, sewing and married life like I was this spring chicken that didn’t get tired. That idea wasn’t thought out for reality.

So now I have a plan. 💡which reminds me that I didn’t get my planner this year. Any hoot the process to my madness is to work my normal work schedule during the week and debrief for a couple of hours in the evening. This is my time to prep for my sew day (Sunday). That way I can tend to my family (spoiled hubby) every evening and still have our date nights. Our Saturday is open after the house gets its attention. Sunday is my regroup day. I spend the early morning with my Lord and fellowship with the word, and after service I can go into my space and work on projects that I have prepped during the week. It sounds like it’s a lot but if you noticed I didn’t mention school. Yes I have put school on the back burner for now but that is not to say that I’m not going to pick up a course or two, it just means I need to build my foundation first so I can obtain the knowledge that I seek during class and stay balanced.

Coming to the end of this post but starting to exhale and breath again. First up on my table is the sweater dress that I’ve cut out already and mentioned in my last post then I have the Mimi G’s jumpsuit pattern to cut in fabric, and to complete my weeks work is the Mood’s Luna jumpsuit pattern to tape and cut before Sunday so that can be started.

Until next time….. enjoy your peace.

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2022 Sewing Clock

It’s 2022 and this is the year I plan on putting my skills to work. It’s a new year and what was last year was last year. Not a lot to brag on because I kept loosing my sew-jo. I would start class and half way through I’d run into issues the consistent issue was my computer the section was I had to put my sewing machine in the shop for service. Although I have more than one machine I’m spoiled with my push button and guide process. This year is going to be different. I’m setting up both machines, along with a serger machine and a cover stitch machine. I’m in the process of purchasing a new laptop that can run all my programs and having an external drive for all of my projects that will be completed this year. Stay tune for first project of the year!

Sweater Dress
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The Art of Pattern Making

This spring I decided to learn some technical techniques for sewing. Not all commercial patterns are made for the body of today’s woman. It was very exciting to be be able to make patterns at a half scale and bring them to live with muslin fabric and then with fashion garment. I was very please when a friend of mine asked me to make clothes for dolls and was happy that her dolls were not smaller than the clothes I made.

Now that I have the knowledge of how the pattern is drafted, I’m going take a try at drafting my clothes starting with a blouse. I really like the cowl neck style so that would be my first attempt. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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Welcoming 2020

I’m so excited. It’s a new year and I have a plan to sew 3 projects a month. Yes this is the plan. A dress a shirt and some sort of night wear, most likely PJ’s.

Last year I tried to make a pair of jeans but it didn’t turn out right, for got the butt adjustment so they were low low riders. So this year I decided to take a few classes at the community college near me to learn pattern adjustment/ construction. Classes start on the 18th so I’m super excited. I have all the equipment setup in my space from my sewing machine and serger to my ironing station… still working on my cutting station so for now its the dining room table. I have 3 weeks of vacation saved from 2019 that I want to use for LA Garment district and New York(Down town Manhattan) Garment district. I want to take a walk around Mood Designer fabric and pick up a few yards of fabric.

This is going to be a fun year of sewing and designing my 2020 look so stay tuned it’s coming.!