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Welcoming 2020

I’m so excited. It’s a new year and I have a plan to sew 3 projects a month. Yes this is the plan. A dress a shirt and some sort of night wear, most likely PJ’s.

Last year I tried to make a pair of jeans but it didn’t turn out right, for got the butt adjustment so they were low low riders. So this year I decided to take a few classes at the community college near me to learn pattern adjustment/ construction. Classes start on the 18th so I’m super excited. I have all the equipment setup in my space from my sewing machine and serger to my ironing station… still working on my cutting station so for now its the dining room table. I have 3 weeks of vacation saved from 2019 that I want to use for LA Garment district and New York(Down town Manhattan) Garment district. I want to take a walk around Mood Designer fabric and pick up a few yards of fabric.

This is going to be a fun year of sewing and designing my 2020 look so stay tuned it’s coming.!


Hello my name is DeShawna. Thanks for your interest in my journey of styles fashion and fads. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, an Application System Analysts with interests of today’s fashion, styles trends, illusions, and the look.

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