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The Art of Pattern Making

This spring I decided to learn some technical techniques for sewing. Not all commercial patterns are made for the body of today’s woman. It was very exciting to be be able to make patterns at a half scale and bring them to live with muslin fabric and then with fashion garment. I was very please when a friend of mine asked me to make clothes for dolls and was happy that her dolls were not smaller than the clothes I made.

Now that I have the knowledge of how the pattern is drafted, I’m going take a try at drafting my clothes starting with a blouse. I really like the cowl neck style so that would be my first attempt. I will keep you posted on my progress.


Hello my name is DeShawna. Thanks for your interest in my journey of styles fashion and fads. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, an Application System Analysts with interests of today’s fashion, styles trends, illusions, and the look.

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